04 December 2013


Brazil is notorious in Canada for slow visa processing, unless you happen to live in Toronto or (surprisingly) Winnipeg.

The deadlines for having a visa by Christmas have passed in some areas, and are still open in others.

If you live west of Manitoba, then it is very unlikely that you would get a visa before Christmas even if you applied today. The best bet right now is up to a month of processing.

If you live east of Ottawa then officially an application made today would be ready on or after Christmas day due to the new fifteen working days processing period.

If you live in Ottawa or the national capital region then an application made today would be ready in exatly ten working days.

If you live in Manitoba or Ontario (but not in Ottawa!), then your visa might actually get done before Christmas. Officially it is ten working days, but we are seeing some turn-arounds in as little as one week.

Click here for Brazilian visa forms.


As of today the Russian Embassy's announced Christmas and New Year holidays are 25 December 2013, and then 1-7 January 2014 inclusive. There is also a chance of another holiday a week later. There is also a chance of closures 24-26 December inclusive, but on the other hand Russia may be open --- it is just everyone else who will be closed.

Click here for Russian visa forms.

03 December 2013


The Kenyan High Commission has announced their holiday closures for 2013.

Kenya's consular office will be closed 12-13 December 2013, then 20 December 2013 until 06 January 2014 inclusive.

If you need a visa the complete application package must be in the high commission by 11 December at the latest.

Click here for Kenya visa packages.


The Angolan Embassy has announced their holiday closures for 2013.

Angola's consular office and embassy will be closed 20 December 2013 until 06 January 2014 inclusive.

If you need a visa the complete application package must be in the embassy by 10 December at the latest.

Click here for Angolan visa forms.

02 December 2013


We can help you get your visa for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia.

Join Canadian athletes in Sochi for this gala event as they try to beat the Russians in winter sports.

You need a special olympic visa for this event, as the Russian governemnt has declared the entire Sochi region closed to all persons except those who have special permission to be in the closed region during the olympic and paralympic period. Short form - you need an official ticket or pass.

"With respect to the Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in Sochi 2014, starting 01 December 2013 the following tourist visa requirements will apply to the persons wishing to visit the mentioned events. Visitors planning to attend sport competitions, opening or closing ceremonies of the Olympics must submit a standard form of tourist confirmation issued by an authorized Russian travel company, which must contain a note "Sochi 2014 spectator"."

Along with the confirmation the applicant must submit one of the following documents:
• entrance ticket for a specific sport event;
• or the electronic confirmation of its purchase at the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee, or an official ticket agency abroad (for Canada this is either CoSport or Jet Set Sports).
• or "Spectator Pass – Registration Card".

All of the usual tourist visa requirements remain in force.

Click here for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics visas.

27 November 2013


This is the best news out of Brazil for Canadians in a long time --- FREE VISAS !!!

Special Temporary Visas for FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 issued to Canadians who are either Foreign correspondents, Dependent of foreign correspondents, Professionals with work permit, Dependent of professional with work permit, Entertainment professionals / work permit, FIFA accredited persons and volunteers, Press, and Spectators.

It is absolutely mandatory that you present your FIFA ticket in order to qualify for the free visa. The Brazilians had to make the visa free, but will still impose a $25 embassy charge. So free means $25 plus processing.

Click here for Brazil visa forms.


One of the most common questions we receive from non-Canadians is "Do I need a visa to go on holidays in the Caribbean?"

The genaral rule is that people from the third world must have visas for travel to just about any country, but there are exceptions.

Foreign nationals who have valid passports (real national passports from their home country); and a valid Canadian PERMANENT RESIDENT card, can freely travel on holidays to MEXICO, CUBA, and the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - the top three Caribbean destinations for Canadians.

You must have a valid return ticket and proof of accomodation/hotel/resort and be able to present this proof to the border officials at your destination. Enjoy your journey.


The Government of Colombia has introduced electronic on-line application forms. This means anyone seeking a visa has to apply ON-LINE prior to sending their materials in to Ottawa for their Colombian visa to be added to their Canadian passport.

So remember that when you need a Colombian visa you must start by applying through their computer site directly to the Colombian government. After you receive an email from Colombia telling you your file number and your authorization, then you are ready to apply to Ottawa.

Click here for the Colombian government on-line application.


Click here for Colombian visa forms and links.


The Angolan Embassy still legalized Canadian documents for use in Angola, but their processing speed has dropped to over a month.

Yes, that's right, it takes the Embassy of Angola over thirty days to put a single stamp on the back of a document which was already stamped by the Canadian government. To put this in perspective, most embassies can do this while you wait. It takes less than 20 minutes for most consulates to deal with a legalization.

Making it more difficult is the fact that the Angolan Embassy needs proof of the need for the legalization from your sponsoring company in Angola. Your company in Luanda must provide a letter in Portuguese, stating the requirement for the document.

Click here for Angolan Authentication and Legalization forms.


Sadly the Canadian government is completely and totally out of step with the western world and all NATO allies in rejecting any contact with Iran.

Former prime minister Joe Clark recently stated that the Harper regime "is unusually assertive in its dramatic gestures and declarations." "We lecture and leave." "Canada now talks more than we act, and our tone is almost adolescent … full of sound and fury,"

This makes Canada increasingly isolated in relation to one of the largest oil-producing countries in the world, and the the largest country in the Middle East. Canadians are also out in the cold since Harper expelled all Iranian diplomats from Canada and closed their embassy here and our embassy in Tehran.


Get your Russian visas now if you are competing in or attending the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.

We can get both your official invitation voucher and your Russian visa for your passport.

Click here for Russia's SOCHI 2014 WINTER OLYMPICS visa forms.


Chinese 72-hour Transit Visa Exemption for Canadians

Canadian citizens can acquire a 72-hour visa free transit in Beijing and Shanghai and Guangzhou airports only. The visa-free travel is only offered to passengers who are transiting China on their way to another/third country (not Canada), and will be staying in Beijing or Shanghai or Guangzhou only. You must fly in and out of the same city. You cannot go to any other city.

There are 3 requirements:
1) You must be a Citizens from one of the 45 countries in the 72-hour Transit Visa Exemption Program;
2) You must be a foreign national with a valid international traveling document and air ticket for a connecting flight with confirmed date of flight and seat for a third country or region traveling within 72 hours; and
3) You must be flying into and out of the Capital Airport of Beijing or Pudong or Hongqiao Airports of Shanghai or Guangzhou to a third country or region.

This applies to Canadians and the following nationalities: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland; Russia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine; United States, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Chile; Australia, and New Zealand; Korea, Japan, Singapore, Brunei, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.

The Chinese Embassy in Ottawa states "Foreigners who have confirmed onward tickets and seats on international flights and directly transit through China and stay for no more than 24 hours within the airport boundaries shall not need to apply for a transit visa".

Click here for Chinese visa forms.


The Russian Consulate in Toronto has made it mandatory to list each and every single stamp in your passport on their application form.

This means that every stamp in your current passport, even for passing through a transit airport, MUST be listed on the on-line Russian application form.

Failure to list a stamp means automatic rejection of your application for a visa. We strongly urge all applicants, no matter where they live, to list each and every stamp in their passport.

Click here for Russian visas.


VSC is pleased to announce that FAST SERVICE is now available for several countries for "Authentication and Legalization.

When you need your Canadian document (such as a diploma or birth/marriage certificate) authenticated by Canada and then legalized by a foreign government, we can assist you.

VSC will get your original document notarized by our lawyers; stamped by DFAIT (authenticated); then stamped by the foreign embassy (legalized).

Remember to send a copy of your passport and a letter explaining the need for the legalization addressed to the foreign embassy. Many embassies require original transcripts to be sent to them directly from the university in order to legalize a diploma.

Click here for Authenitcation & Legalization forms.


We are both pleased and disappointed to inform you that the government of Brazil has both sped up and slowed down visa processing in Canada.

Western Canadians used to be subject to visa processing of up to a month. Right now it is taking as little as ten working days.

Eastern Canadians used to see visa processing of ten working days, but the consulate in Montreal now watrns that the minimum processing time is 15 working days. On average we are seeing processing of up to a month.

People in the middle (Manitoba and Ontario) are still getting visas in less than ten days, while people in Ottawa must wait a firm ten working days.

Click here for Brazilian visa forms.

23 September 2013


The Emabssy of Burkina Faso is pleased to announce that they have finally abandoned the old text form and produced a new PDF visa application form. This looks very professional and reflects well on their consular office. Click here to apply for a visa for Burkina Faso.


Dear Friend of Life and Hope Association (LHA)

Although my last letter to you was from Boston following my May 30 graduation (from the JFK School of Government at Harvard University), I am now back in Siem Reap reconnecting with the wonderful children and our great LHA staff, and applying some of my new learning to our programs.

Mostly, I use these letters to update you on news about the programs that you so generously support. But because we always emphasize personal responsibility in all of our programs, I'd like to begin this letter by sharing some of the ways in which the recipients of your generosity are giving back.

We were so delighted when Koe Pek, Nang Sreyna, and Bou Sochea, 2010 and 2012 graduates from PAGE (Program Advancing Girls Education) decided to use their university vacation to volunteer at LHA’s CDV (Children Development Village).

PAGE girls --- Over the past two months, they have tutored the children on school subjects, taught them English, and acted as house mothers.

Another 10 PAGE girls also volunteered to help with LHA’s interviewing and counselling project at CDV. PAGE graduates use their vacation to volunteer at CDV

Phari Srein who lived at CDV for 6 years before becoming a Wat Damnak temple boy for 3 years, recently graduated from high school. He has decided to return to CDV to work full-time with the children while continuing his studies for university part-time. And as we staff up at CDV, three of our recent PAGE graduates are also considering that same career option.

In another act of generous giving back, Venerable Loeurm has initiated a new project in which LHA community members are donating their hair.

These donations will be made available to people around the world who cannot afford prosthetic medical wigs after they lose their hair following chemotherapy for cancer treatment.

Meanwhile, our programs continue to provide loving care and educational opportunities to bring about positive life changes for the poorest and most vulnerable children, young women and families:

* To our delight, the 12 PAGE girls who took their final high school exams in August all passed and now head off to university, teachers training college, or employment opportunities. We plan to keep supporting them as we are able.

* We also celebrated Nup Sophal’s graduation from Royal University of Phnom Penh — quite an achievement for a 10th grade drop-out who entered our sewing school then joined PAGE to complete high school. Next month, she begins her career teaching Khmer literature and history.

* In August, we built four more Peace Houses, bringing the total to 55 homes that we have offered poor families in exchange for their commitment to send their children to school and renounce abuse, alcohol, and gambling.

* We are now in the process of selecting 12 new PAGE girls from 50 well-qualified, highly motivated candidates who want to continue their education but don't have the opportunity due to family poverty. They will follow the 35 girls who have previously been admitted into PAGE, 22 of whom have now graduated from high school. None of those girls has ever failed or dropped out.

My thanks once again to all of you for your generous and loving hearts , and for helping to change young lives forever.

With peace and love, Somnieng

Executive Director| Life and Hope Association | Wat Damnak | Siem Reap | Cambodia

20 September 2013


Non-Canadians must generally get SCHENGEN visas in order to travel to Europe.

Non-Canadians must apply IN-PERSON at the appropriate embassy or consulate. This cannot be done for you. You must go in person only. Do not hire a service for this.

Here are the usual requirements for a Schengen visa:

1) - Passport valid at least three months after the expiry date of the visa. + photocopy of all pages. Your passport must have been issued less than 10 years ago (first issuance). Refugees residing in Canada, even if they hold permanent resident cards, must have in their possession a travel document for refugees, 1951 Geneva Convention Model.

2)- 1 original signature on a completed Schengen visa application form.

3)- 2 recent and identical photos ID, format 35mm X 45mm only, with a clear and plain white background.

4) airplane or train reservation for the entire travel in the Schengen zone or proof of participating in an organized tour.

5) - If applicable, any document allowing your entry in the country of your main destination.

6)- Depending on the purpose of your stay : = Tourism : hotel reservation for all cities and countries visited. Be aware that once you submit the hotel reservations, you will not be allowed to change them. = Family visit or private stay : you must provide one of the following proof of accommodation : — EITHER the original of the registration from the City Hall in country here your host is residing. This can not be changed and must cover the whole duration of your stay. — IF YOU RENT A PROPERTY : the original of the lease and proof of payment. — IF YOU OWN A PROPERTY : the original of your property title. = Business trip : original of the detailed letter of invitation from the host company , stating the purpose of your stay, whether your expenses, including medicals will or will not be taken care of by the host company during the entire length of your stay. This letter must also state that you will not receive any financial compensation or pay in country during your stay.

7)- Proof of your socio-professional status in Canada: = If you are self-employed, you must provide your business registration + photocopy = If you are employed, you must provide a detailed proof of employment (letter from your employer) as well as your last three pay stubs + photocopy = If you are retired with pension, you need to provide a proof of it + photocopy = If you are a student, you must provide a recent detailed letter from your school + photocopy = If you have a scholarship, you must submit your scholarship papers + photocopy = If you are unemployed you must provide your spouse detailed proof of employment (letter from the employer) as well as the last three pay stubs + photocopy AND the marriage certificate translated + photocopy

8) - Your last three months of bank statements

9) - If you are a minor under 18 years old, you must provide the parental authorization signed by both parents.

After the visa is authorized you will have to provide the following:

10) - Original of the airplane ticket or eticket or proof that your ticket has been paid in full.

11) - Proof of confirmation of the hotel reservation if you are staying in a hotel.

12) - Travel medical insurance valid for the entire length of your stay in the Schengen zone, covering medicine, hospitalization, repatriation, death, pregnancy, for a minimum of Cdn$50,000 Attention : your provincial insurance is not enough, you must purchase a private insurance.

Please note that additional documents will probably be required.


Neither the German Embassy in Ottawa nor the Consulate General in Montreal can offer consular services. For consular matters please contact the Consulate General in Toronto. For short-term Schengen visas, please contact the Embassy of Austria in Ottawa. All Schengen visa seekers going to Germany must apply IN PERSON at the Austrian Emabssy in Ottawa or at the German Consulate in Toronto.

Click here for Germany.


The Indian government visa processing offices would like to remind Canadians that India requires people to apply IN PERSON if possible. If not possible, courier applications can be made to three offices only. There are several consular offices across the country open for in-person applications. Please contact "BLS India" for more information.

Click here for Indian visa details.

Click here for BLS India


We at Visa Services Canada have noticed that the vast majority of applicants seeking Russian visas get the form horribly wrong.

Here are the most common mistakes. For full details and assistance please read our on-line instruction help manual for Russian visa forms on pages 8-11 of our online Russian form on our website. If you already have an on-line application in the Russian computer you can follow STEP #2 in our online Russian visa manual in order to edit the form.

To edit your Russian visa form please visit visa.kdmid.ru

Your applications must have the correct place of submission on them. Please follow the on-line Russian manual and put "VISA APPLICATION CENTER (correct city)" on the top of the forms.

Please ensure that you list your passport type as TOURIST PASSPORT. You are NOT an official passport holder.

Please ensure that you list your passport as having been issued by a city (eg: Winnipeg), not as issued by Canada. Check your passport for issuing authority city.

TOURIST buying vouchers from Visa Services Canada can fill in "INTELSERVICE CENTER" as the inviting company, and "011293" as the registration number. Confirmation number is "1".

Do not put a comma in your name.

Do not add Canada to place of birth unless it appears in your Canadian passport. Type place of birth exactly as it appears in your passport.

Your entry and exit dates have to match the invitation / voucher exactly. You cannot pad the dates after you received a voucher.

Plese include the personal letter explaining your journey. Remember, the dates must match exactly the dates on the form and the voucher.

If you have an invitor (private or business or official), you must also list the city of the invitor on the same line.

You must list Canada as having issued you with a passport for item #26.

Add in all school and employment details. You must list previous jobs and schools (after grade 12) with full addresses. If you do not have post-high school education, do not write anything at all in those boxes.

Please ensure that all address are full legal addresses (street, city, prov, postal code) for schools, jobs, homes and hotels.

Please ensure when printing the form that the entire page prints double-sided. Please do not cut off at the bottom so some answers are not printed on the page.

Please print a new version of the form, and SIGN it and ship the original signed form to us as soon as possible. Do not allow your signature to touch the edge of the box. Remember the date format under the signature is dd/mm/yy only.

Photos MUST be printed as 35x45mm images - no exceptions - no Cdn passport sizes allowed. Do not cut the photo print.

Click here for the newest Russian visa forms.


The new Embassy of Qatar in Canada has slowed visa processing. Applicants are warned that the consul can now take anywhere from ten working days up to six weeks to issue a visa. Yes, you might have to wait up to a month and a half. So apply early and be prepared to wait. Obviously there is no fast service available, and all times are changable and at the discretion of the embassy.

Click here for Qatar visa forms.


Travelers are reminded that they must check their visas prior to travel. It is your responsibility to check to ensure that you have the correct visa for your journey. You should check all the validity dates, number of entries, and type of visa. Also check the spelling of your name, passport number, and date of birth. We at VSC check all visas, but it is still your responsibility to do a final check.


Turkey wants all Canadians to buy E-VISAS. Well, not all Canadians, but all Canadians travelling to or through Turkey. The system is easy and cheap. Please apply for your Turkish e-visa on-line from the comfort of your own home or office prior to travel. The old option of a visa-on-arrival is being phased out - so get your Turkish E-Visa now.

Click here for your Turkish E-Visa.


The Chinese Government has rolled out their new visa form, and everyone must use the new form. The old form will not longer be accepted. So make certain your Chinese form says it is the 2013 edition.

Click here for the newest Chinese visa application package.


The Govenment of Nigeria has instructed their high commissions and embassies and consulates world-wide to reject applications from people with a criminal record. Canadians should be aware that even a full pardon by the Canadian government does not affect this regulation. Canadians with criminal records, even if expunged, will not receive a visa.

Click here for Nigerian visas.


Applicants seeking authentication and legalization of documents by the Angolan Emabssy are warned that stamping of the documents is now taking at least one month.

Click here for A&L forms.


VSC is pleased to announce that the charitable organization our company supports, the LIFE & HOPE ASSOCIATION in Siem Reap Cambodia, is working even harder for the poor and vulnerable people of Cambodia.

The head of the organization, the Venerable Somnieng Hoeurn, has graduated from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University with a masters degree in public administration of NGOs. We offer our congratulations to Somnieng. This now means that Somnieng is even better prepared to advance the objectives of LHA and to offer more programmes to aid the poor and vulnerable.

Click here to learn more about LHA.


The High Commission of Ghana asked that we respectfully remind visa seekers that the Ghanaian government requires applicants to provide letters from their employers in addition to the letters from their invitors for all business or work journeys. Click here for Ghana visa.

28 May 2013


As of 01 June 2013 Canadian citizens no longer need a visa in their passport in order to enter the UAE by aircraft or crusie ship. Hip Hip Horray!

"The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates is pleased to announce that beginning June 1st, 2013, the Government of the United Arab Emirates will be restoring the previous visit entry requirements to the UAE, whereby regular Canadian passport holders will not require a visa to enter the United Arab Emirates (UAE)."

"Canadian passport holders will be granted entry free of charge to the UAE with their visit arrival stamp, again, issued upon arrival in the UAE. No application in advance of travel is necessary. Please know that the Canadian passport will be stamped for 30 days upon arrival."

"If further stay is required, an application for an extension should be made to the local General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs three days prior to the expiry date."

Passport holders of the following countries may pay for a visa upon arrival in order to enter the United Arab Emirates for business or tourist visits lasting a maximum of 30 days, provided they meet the requirements of the Resident and Nationalisation Authorities: Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA, Vatican.

All other nationals will need a visa which must be arranged in advance by the sponsor in the UAE. This is never done by the embassy in Canada.

19 March 2013


Spring is here and the Russian tourist season is about to begin. We can help you get your tourist or business or work visas fro Russian travel.

Our website hosts a three page manual explaining the proper way to fill in Russian application forms. The Russians are very picky, so you have to get it right. Follow our instructions and it is hard to go wrong.

We will also get your tourist invitation vouchers or your business invitation telexes.

Click here for Russian visa forms.


As you may have heard (it was in all the papers!), the Government of Nepal opened a formal embassy in Ottawa. Canadian citizens using a Canadian passport require a visa to visit Nepal. These visas are usually issued at the airport in Nepal.
Tourist visas may be purchased in advance or can be bought in Nepal upon arrival at either Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu; Biratnagar (Jogbani), Birgunj (Raxaul), Bhairahawa (Sunauli) and Kakarbhitta (Panitanki) on Nepal-India border and Kodari on Nepal China border.

Click here for a Nepal visa.


After a rough couple of years during which Canadians were waiting up to a month and a half for a visa to Saudi arabia - a process which used to be done in one day, we are happy to see Saudi processing down to fourteen (14) working days.

Click here for a Saudi visa.


Here is an updated list of all Indian visa offices in Canada as of 15 March 2013. The list includes the full legal address and telephone and fax if known, as well as the website for more details.

Due to changes in Indian visa processing you are encouraged to apply directly to the Indian visa offices listed below. If at all possible you should visit IN PERSON. If it is not possible for you to visit in person, then you can send the applications by courier to one of the three appropriate primary application offices on the list below. Applications can be made in person or by courier to the three PRIMARY offices. Applications can only be made in person at the SECONDARY offices.

Indian Visa Services Centre, OTTAWA (primary application office)
Suite 311 - 150 Montreal Road, Ottawa Ontario K1L 8H2
Phone 647-478-3072 Fax: 613-249-3661
Area: National Capital region of Ottawa-Hull (613 & 819), Kingston, Cornwall, Hawkesbury, Arnprior, Renfrew, Perth Prescott, Brockville, Carleton Place, Smith Falls, Morrisburg (all in Ontario), Montreal (in Quebec) and Nunavut.

 Indian Visa Services Centre, TORONTO (primary application office)
6A - 1448 Lawrence Avenue East, Toronto ON M4A 2V6
 Phone 647-478-3072 Fax: 905-291-0899
Area: ONT, MB, QC, NB, NS, PEI and NFLD. Except Ottawa, Montreal and Gatineau [613& 819].

Indian Visa Services Centre, VANCOUVER (primary application office)
B-50 850 West Hastings Street., Vancouver BC V6C 1E1 Phone 647-478-3072 Fax: 604-687-6678 Area: BC, AB, SK, YK, NWT. http://blsindia-canada.com/visa.php

Indian Visa Services Centre, Brampton (secondary office)
201 - 10 Gillingham Drive, Brampton ON L6X 5A5
Phone 647-478-3072 Fax: 905-216-0921
Area: Toronto/Ontario region

 Indian Visa Services Centre, Montreal (secondary office)
#710 - 1000 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal QC H2L 1L5
Phone 647-478-3072 Fax: 514-282-1249
Area: Montreal and Nunavut

 Indian Visa Services Centre, Calgary (secondary office)
 #131, 5120 47 Strt NE, Calgary AB T3J 4K3
Phone 647-478-3072 Fax: 403-798-1201
Area: Alberta.

 Indian Visa Services Centre, Edmonton (secondary office)
#3 - 10016 29A Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6N 1A8
Phone 647-478-3072 Area: Alberta.

 Indian Visa Services Centre, Surrey (secondary office)
#201, 8140 120 Street, Surrey BC V3W 3N3
Phone 647-478-3072 Fax: 604-598-2609
Area: BC

Indian Visa Services Centre, Winnipeg (secondary office)
#1806 - 201 Portage Ave, Winnipeg MB R3B 3K6
Phone 647-478-3072
Area: Manitoba.


On 28 Febraury all the Indian visa offices run by VFS Global of India were closed by order of the Indian government. All staff were fired. The next day, Friday 01 March 2013 the Indian visa offices re-opened in different locations across Canada under new management - BLS India.

It was a rough start, to put it mildly.

Some BLS offices did not open to the public. People arrived to find CLOSED signs on doors.

The Indian government announced the new BLS telehone numebr, but actually listed the personal private home number of a Toronto resident who did not understand why people were yelling at him in Hindi.

The BLS India website seems very good, but still hosts contradictory information.

As of last week BLS changed their rules and banned all agents and agencies from assisting with Indian visas.

We are recommending that people apply IN PERSON if at all possible. If you do not live near a BLS India office, then you can ship your application by courier to one of only three offices in Canada.

More to come...

13 February 2013


On Sunday the Indian government announced it was ending the contract for provision of Indian consular services with VFS India Global as of the end of this month.

All Indian visa offices operated by VFS India Global located in Canada will be closing permanently at the end of business on Thursday 28 February 2013.

Any applications not received at the VFS offices by 22 February 2013 will NOT be processed and will be returned to the client unopened and at the expense of the client.

The contract will be taken over by a new Indian service provider called BLS International.

The new Indian visa offices for all locations in Canada have not yet been announced, but are to be in all of the same cities as were previously served by VFS India Global.

As soon as we have details we will be posting them on our website to ensure you have a smooth visa application experience.

I think we speak for all people who hope that BLS International will do a far better job than VFS India Global.