20 September 2013


We at Visa Services Canada have noticed that the vast majority of applicants seeking Russian visas get the form horribly wrong.

Here are the most common mistakes. For full details and assistance please read our on-line instruction help manual for Russian visa forms on pages 8-11 of our online Russian form on our website. If you already have an on-line application in the Russian computer you can follow STEP #2 in our online Russian visa manual in order to edit the form.

To edit your Russian visa form please visit visa.kdmid.ru

Your applications must have the correct place of submission on them. Please follow the on-line Russian manual and put "VISA APPLICATION CENTER (correct city)" on the top of the forms.

Please ensure that you list your passport type as TOURIST PASSPORT. You are NOT an official passport holder.

Please ensure that you list your passport as having been issued by a city (eg: Winnipeg), not as issued by Canada. Check your passport for issuing authority city.

TOURIST buying vouchers from Visa Services Canada can fill in "INTELSERVICE CENTER" as the inviting company, and "011293" as the registration number. Confirmation number is "1".

Do not put a comma in your name.

Do not add Canada to place of birth unless it appears in your Canadian passport. Type place of birth exactly as it appears in your passport.

Your entry and exit dates have to match the invitation / voucher exactly. You cannot pad the dates after you received a voucher.

Plese include the personal letter explaining your journey. Remember, the dates must match exactly the dates on the form and the voucher.

If you have an invitor (private or business or official), you must also list the city of the invitor on the same line.

You must list Canada as having issued you with a passport for item #26.

Add in all school and employment details. You must list previous jobs and schools (after grade 12) with full addresses. If you do not have post-high school education, do not write anything at all in those boxes.

Please ensure that all address are full legal addresses (street, city, prov, postal code) for schools, jobs, homes and hotels.

Please ensure when printing the form that the entire page prints double-sided. Please do not cut off at the bottom so some answers are not printed on the page.

Please print a new version of the form, and SIGN it and ship the original signed form to us as soon as possible. Do not allow your signature to touch the edge of the box. Remember the date format under the signature is dd/mm/yy only.

Photos MUST be printed as 35x45mm images - no exceptions - no Cdn passport sizes allowed. Do not cut the photo print.

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