17 December 2019

Warning About Client - Judith Austin

As we transition to a free public advice service, we looked back at the many thousands of happy clients we assisted in acquiring visas over more than a decade.

Unfortunately, one really bad experience stood out. Ms Austin from Mississauga applied for a Nigerian visa through our service, then refused to pay after the fact.

The client bought services by credit card up front, then withdrew payment leaving our company to pay her debts to the Nigerian government and to our service and staff. Eventually VSC had to sue her in Ontario provincial court. (Ontario Superior Court of Justice, 14-SC-133442, Visa Services Canada, Inc. vs Judith Margaret Austin).

Even her credit card company agreed that she had properly incurred a debt to VSC but then improperly reneged on the debt.

VSC was awarded the judgement against her on 09 December 2014 when the court determined that she had defaulted on her legal debt. VSC was awarded full original costs and court costs.

Let this be a warning to others. The court agreed she had defaulted on her debt. In the end Judith Margaret Austin was forced by the court to pay her bill and court costs.

This is a matter of public record 14-SC-133442 in Ontario Superior Court (Ottawa).

There is a post-script to this story. Her lawyer, a Ms Hannah Olumayokun Aina (Scarborough, ON) called our office to yell at and intimidate VSC staff. Her conduct was so outrageous in this case that a formal complaint was filed against her with the Law Society of Upper Canada. Her conduct in this matter is now on her permanent disciplinary record with the Law Society. This is a matter of administrative record #2016-195883 with the Law Society of Upper Canada (Toronto).