25 September 2009

World Tourism Day

Happy World Tourism Day from myself and all the staff at Visa Services Canada.

The theme this year is Celebrating Diversity, and the 2009 hosts are various countries in Africa. The actual day is Sunday 27 September.

Click here for the World Tourism Organization, a UN body headquartered in Spain.


21 September 2009

Russian visas for UK & USA citizens

Citizens of the United Kingdom of Great Britain now have to apply for Russian visas using the "long form" application. As of today, 21 September 2009, the Russian embassy in Canada will only accept applications from UK citizens which are made on the same form as is already required of citizens of the Untied States of America.

Click here for Russian visa details and basic form.

Click here to contact us for the special "Long Form" for U.K. and U.S.A. citizens.

09 September 2009

Brazil LOWERS visa fees

Yes, you read that correctly: Brazil is lowering visa fees. As of Monday 14 September 2009 Brazil is charging less for all sorts of visas.

Canadian tourists to Brazil pay $34 less than before, with the new tourist visa costing only $119.

Canadian busibess visitors pay $42 less, with the Business T2 visa costing only $112.

Even US citizens living in Canada get a price break. They formerly paid a whopping $270 for a visa, but now pay only $210: a saving of $60.

We suspect the reason is the strong Canadian dollar, and a growing thirst for tourist and business visitors.