25 September 2014

Nigeria - RCMP Fingerprints Police Check

Canadians going to work in Nigeria - those seeking STR and TWP visas - must now have a criminal records check based on fingerprints.

The most common version of this is the RCMP fingerprint records check. This can be done by any RCMP detachment or regional office. You can also get such service from "Reliability Screening .com", and from the Commissionaires.

When you get the check done it should be the RCMP police check based on a scan of your fingerprints, done electronically. Remember to tell the RCMP that you want the original certificate shipped to VSC in Ottawa for your visa processing. The whole process take about ten days, despite the fact that the RCMP can check for a criminal record in minutes once they have your fingerprints.

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Nigerian Tourist Visas

Yes, I know what you are thinking - there is no such thing as tourism in Nigeria. Well, that is true, but there is a small trickle of tourists and there is a tourist visa.

The hard part is getting all the necessary documents in order to apply for the tourist visa.

The new requirements include a confirmed hotel booking and a copy of the hotel ID card of the manager or reservation agent in Nigeria. If the hotel manager will not supply a copy of their hotel ID card, then book a different hotel.

Also, the Nigerian High Commission in Ottawa wants to see proof of purchase of sufficient funds for the entire journey. This means they want to see a receipt for the purchase of a lot of traveler's cheques. Do not send a photocopy of the actual cheques.

People going to Nigeria are best advised to be invited by a Nigerian person or a person legally living in Nigeria who can supply an official invitation and a copy of their Nigerian national ID card or passport.

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Cambodia Visa Fee Increases

The Royal Government of Cambodia has announced an across-the-board fee increase of US$5 per visa type effective next week

As of 01 October 2014 it will cost US$30 to acquire a tourist visa on arrival in Cambodia, and US$35 for business visas.

People getting a Cambodian E-Visa will now pay US$37 to not have to stand in line at the border or airport visa issuance booths.

Anyone flying into Cambodia is best advised to get a visa-on-arrival at either of the two main international airports. This also works well at the two main road crossing points from Poi Pet in Thailand and on highway #1 from Sai Gon in Viet Nam.

Persons on a river cruise up the Mekong into Cambodia must have a paper visa issued into their passport by the Cambodia embassy or consulate prior to boarding the boat. Persons on a river cruise down the Mekong into Viet Nam are advised to have a paper visa and not to try using a e-visa. E-visas are not recommended for any boat travel on the river systems.

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