15 December 2008

Singapore to Southampton & New York

Now is the time to take off a month and sail from Singapore to Southampton on the new Cunarder, the Queen Victoria, or all the way to New York on the grand ocean liner Queen Mary 2.
The most exciting segment of the 2009 world cruise of the Queen Victoria departs Singapore on 19 March 2009, and arrives in Southampton on 20 April, after a 32 day voyage around India, up to Dubai, through the Suez Canal, into Turkey and Greece, through the Mediterranean, and our into the Atlantic up to Southampton.
When Cunard began selling the voyage, the lowest price was US$7315 for an inside (no window) cabin. With the voyage soon upon us, and unfilled space, Cunard just announced a dramatic drop in price. The same cabin can now be had for only US$4199. This comes to $131 per day.
At the same time, the Queen Mary 2 is completing her third world cruise, and offers a segment from Singapore to New York for an amazingly low price. Taking only 31 days, the QM2 will follow roughly the same route as the QV, but carry on across the Atlantic to New York for only US$2899, or only $94 per day. The Mary leaves Singapore on 14 March, docking in New York on 14 April 2009. That is less than the price of a good hotel room, and includes room service.
Honestly, it is nearly impossible to get that many destinations for that low a price, and be housed and fed for a month, all while ending up right back in North America.

04 December 2008

Bangkok & Mumbai Travel Situation

This past week has not been the best of times to fly into either Mumbai or Bangkok airports.
Thailand's capital city has been struck by airport paralysis as angry pro-democracy demonstrators invaded the airports and shut down commercial service to one of Asia's most popular cities.
The deadly attacks in central Mumbai last week did not target the airport, but have disrupted life and caused fear amongst the travelling public.
These airports are now open for scheduled international air traffic. You can safely use these airports for tourism and business travel. However, various international airlines, such as Air Canada, are willing to make changes to tickets to both cities in light of the current situations. Check with your airline or travel agent if you are still concerned.
Canadians do not need a visa to visit Thailand.
India absolutely requires Canadians to have a visa before travel. Click here for an Indian visa.