10 October 2017

China Promotes the 72 Hour Visa-Free TRANSIT of Beijing

At the China pavilion during the Beijing tourism day in Ottawa on Sunday 08 October 2017 the speakers highlighted the visa-free regime for TRANSIT of Beijing airport. This scheme allows Canadians (and 50 other nationals) to enter Beijing through the Capital airport, and stay for less than 72 hours, before boarding an international flight to leave China to go to a third country. It cannot be used to fly to another Chinese city, and it cannot be used to enter Beijing (or Shanghai) with a ticket which returns straight back to Canada. China cannot be the final destination- it must be a transit point to another country (not Canada).

China Hosts Event in Ottawa

The Embassy of China, and various Chinese government and private agencies, hosted a massive four day event in Ottawa as part of the Ottawa Welcomes the World year.

Here are some photos from the event!


the food was good!

One lucky couple won a free ticket to China!

Happy winners!

02 October 2017

Ottawa Welcomes the World

People in Ottawa who want to take advantage of the hospitality of many and various embassies should visit the OTTAWA WELCOMES THE WORLD events being held all this year.

Every few days another embassy hosts a large event, sometimes up to four days in length, at Lansdowne Park in the Glebe (Ottawa).

Staff are just back from enjoying the great hospitality and food provided by the Saudi Embassy, and are now looking forward to the Chinese Embassy event from 4-8 October 2017.

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Chinese Embassy Closed for National Day

The Embassy of China is currently closed for the Chinese national day, and will not re-open until Thursday 05 October 2017.

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China Photos - Very Strict Requirements

The Chinese Government has very very strict requirements for the photo to be used on the visa application form.

Both ears must be visible. No jewelery or earrings can be word. No nose rings allowed.

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Indonesia Requires a Bank Statement

Any person seeking an Indonesian tourist or visit visa from the embassy in Ottawa must now prove they have sufficient funds.

This means an applicant must provide a letter from their bank, or a recent bank statement, proving you have at least $2000.

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Indonesia Multi-Entry Visa Must be Pre-Approved

The Embassy of Indonesia now requires all multi-entry visa seekers to be pre-approved.

Effective immediately all applicants seeking multi-entry visas must have a Letter of Authorization from the Directorate General of Immigration. To obtain the authorization letter, the applicant should request his/her sponsor in Indonesia to apply on his/her behalf.

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China Requires Previous Passport

Applicants MUST provide their previous (cancelled) passport in order to apply for a Chinese visa of any type. Applicants without a previous passport must now wait up to 30 days for a visa. This became fully effective as of 12 September 2017.

We are hoping that the very extreme rules will be relaxed after the 19 Party Congress held in late October in Beijing.

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