22 December 2010

U.A.E. visas in Canada

The Embassy of the UAE in Ottawa announced on 21 December 2010 that they will issue visas to Canadian regular passport holders. Canadian citizens on tourist and business journeys should have their visas arranged by the airline or hotel or travel company inside the UAE. The visa can then be received at the airport upon arrival in the UAE. It must be arranged beforehand by an office in the UAE.

But some of you will want to apply for a visa at the embassy, so here it is.

The UAE Embassy also announced the jaw-dropping prices: a short-stay visa, valid for only 30 days, costs $250. and a long-tern stay valid for up to 90 days costs $500. The big multi-entry visa valid for six months costs a whopping $1000. !

Applications to the embassy are accepted only by Canada Post mail (Priority Courier or Xpresspost or registered).

The embassy stresses that Canadians should pre-arrange visas through either of the two national airlines, or through a hotel or agent in the UAE. They are still not saying anything about cruise ships, and cruise companies are confused about the changing rules.

Click here for the form and instructions.