01 December 2010

New Russian regulations

As of December 2010, the Russian Embassy regulations require persons to apply in person if possible, or at least to apply directly to the Russian consular office directly by courier. This means no third party such as a visa service is allowed to submit your application to Russia, or receive your passport and visa from the Russians.

Visa Services Canada will still assist you in getting vouchers for travel, and can help with your visa application package. However, it will be submitted to the Russians by courier, and will be returned to you the applicant directly from the Russian consular office. Due to Russian regulations we will not be able to conduct a post-visa quality control check.

Should you wish us to handle the visa process for you, we will of course continue to provide this service for as long as possible.

Click here for Russian visa application forms.

Those wishing to apply to the Russians directly must to so through the consular offices of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Canada. Please check with the Russian office for the correct address for your application.

Embassy of the Russian Federation in Canada
52 Range Road
Ottawa, ON, K1N 8J5
Tel: (613) 236-7220
Fax: (613) 238-6158
Website: http://www.rusembassy.ca/
E-mail: ruscons@rogers.com

We hope to have regular Russian visa service back up in no time.