26 February 2011

Libya is off the visa map

As you all know by now, Libya is engaged in a civil war between the pro-Khaddafi forces and mercenaries around Tripoli, and the opposition forces in the rest of the country.

This is not a good time to be setting out for Libya. Many of our clients have had to evacuate from the country, and some of our oil & gas worker clients are stranded in the desert.

Making the visa problem even more bizarre is that there are now essentially two Libyan government. Embassies are either pro- or anti-Khaddafi, depending on whether of not the staff have gone over to the opposition, as has happened in many Libyan diplomatic offices. Under Khaddafi, their embassies are called "People's Bureaus", but I do not think that will last much longer.

I suspect the new Libyan flag, which is really the pre-1969 Libyan flag, will soon be flying in Ottawa when the staff goes over to the opposition, of Khaddafi is dead.

Click here for Libyan visa forms and requirements, but be aware that the requirements and forms could change with lightning speed as new forces take control.