26 February 2011

Brazil gets slower, and faster

Brazil is getting both slower and faster, but it all depends on where you live.

If you live in BC, Alberta or Saskatchewan, then Brazilian visa processing times have gone through the roof. It is now taking at least a month, and sometimes more than five weeks to get a normal tourist visa for a Canadian passport out of the Brazilians.

For those lucky enough to be from Manitoba or Ontario, the visa processing can be as fast as one week, but is usually about 7 working days. People in the east usually get visas in just under two weeks. People in Ottawa get visas in exactly two weeks.

Be warned, the Brazilians still require you to show an airline or cruise ticket in and out of their country in order to secure a visa. However, this does not apply if you live in the west. People in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan are being told not to buy a ticket until after they have secured a visa.

Click here for Brazilian visa forms and requirements.