01 May 2015

Egypt Again Allows Visa-on-Arrival

The Government of Egypt has rescinded the ending of visa-on-arrival. This blog entry alters the statements we reproduced from the Egyptian government in our blog entry on 19 March 2015.

Previously the government had announced that all persons must have a valid Egyptian visa glued into their passport prior to travel to Egypt.

However, an uproar by travel, tour and hotel operators brought the authorities in Cairo back to allowing visa-on-arrival. This is a major economic issue in a country with a massive tourist industry which has seen numbers drop by over 75% since the Arab Spring began a few years back. Every tourist is important to the economy, and anything which makes it easier to attract tourists is seen as benefiting the country.

You can once again buy a visa at the main international airports in Egypt.

That said, you are still strongly advised to have a real paper visa glued into your passport by the Egyptian Embassy in Canada. Remember - airlines do not have to board undocumented passengers!

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