10 May 2012


The Embassy of Venezuela now requires electronic photos in addition to the paper visa application. The picture for the visa must be submitted in digital format to the Embassy of Venezuela.

• Photos must be recent (such as maximum 6 months).
• Picture size: must be symmetric with a minimum of 600 pixels x 600 pixels and a maximum of 1200 pixels x 1200 pixels. Image files containing a scan size letter with the photo in a corner are not acceptable.    Format: JPEG     Extension: *.jpg
• File size: equal or less than 240 KB (kilobytes) and greater than 40 KB (kilobytes).
• Colour with a white background.
• Show the uncovered and upright face and the neck - face should be 66-75% of the photo.
• The person should be with the mouth shut and neutral expression.
• No glasses.
• Save the image as follows: name-Apellido_VISA.jpg (Pedro-Perez_VISA.jpg).
• The photo must be emailed to both the embassy and the consular section:
• Email subject line: "Photo VISA name surname" (photo VISA PEDRO PEREZ)

Click here for Venezuelan visa forms and details.