14 May 2012


There are only two more days until the new Chinese tourist visa rules will be strictly enforced. As of Wednesday 16 May 2012 the Chinese embassy will require more documents from tourist visa applicants.

Each tourist applicant must provide both and air ticket in and out of China; or a cruise booking confirmation form and itinrary, in their name.

Each tourist applicant must provide a confirmation of hotel booking in their name.

This new requirement is mandatory and applies to all people seeking tourist visas. Remember to provide both your air ticket and your hotel booking. The hotel name and contact information also gets printed in box 2.5 and 2.8 of the Chinese visa form.

Students and teachers/professors musts still make the student/teacher declaration regarding obeying all Chinese laws. This can be done in the other declaration space provided in box 5.

Click here for Chinese application forms.