16 December 2014

Nigerian Prices Jump High

The consul of the Nigerian High Commission has informed us in person that effective immediately there are new, and much higher, processing prices in effect.

The Nigerian High Commission application processing service free jumped from $20 for regular three week service up to $50 -- a leap of 150%.  The fee increase for a fast processing goes from the old $85 to a new $115 -- a rise of only 35%. This applies to the business, visitor, tourist and TWP visas.

The fees for the STR visa have leaped from the old $20 all the way up to $100 for regular service -- an astonishing 400% jump. The new fee for fatser STR processing goes from the old $85 to the new $150 -- a jump of a mere 77%.

These fees are already in effect and are mandatory. The fees are paid on top of the fees the Nigerian government already receives through the electronic application system. The on-line fees remain unchanged. So we are all paying twice for the same visa.

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