19 November 2014

Iranian Visas Available to Canadians

Canadians can now get tourist and visit visas from the Iranian government without having to go to Europe or the Middle East to pick up the visa.

Canada severed all relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran as of Friday 07 September 2012. Canada also closed its embassy in Tehran. Ottawa announced it was expelling all Iranian diplomats from Canada within 5 days. As of Wednesday 12 September 2012 there is no longer any official Iranian diplomatic presence in Canada.

The good news is that the issuance of Iranian tourist and visit visas has moved to the Iranian Interests Section of the Pakistani Embassy in Washington DC USA.

Since Iran is not allowed to have an embassy in the USA, they opened an "interests section" under the wing of the Embassy of Pakistan. This de facto Iranian embassy is allowed to issue Iranian visas to Canadians.

So we are pleased to announce that we can once again help you get your tourist or visit visa to Iran.

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