07 November 2011

Sri Lanka introduces E-visas

Sri Lanka will require all foreigners to acquire visas prior to travel starting in the new year (01 January 2012).

The Government of Sri Lanka is rolling out a new on-line visa system. All foreigners will be required to apply on-line to get approval for a tourist or business or visit visa.

The new prices are:
US$50. for a visas valid for a stay of up to 30 days.
US$75 for a visa valid for a stay of 31-90 days.

Applicants will apply and pay all fees on-line directly to the Sri Lankan government computer system. Th3 exact computer address has not yet been announced, but we will get it for you as soon as we can do so.

Once you have applied and paid, you will receive an electronic reference number which you print and take to Sri Lanka. At the airport upon arrival you will hand over the reference number and your passport. The immigration officials will then confirm you are registered and place the paper visa in your apssport.