11 May 2010

Myanmar - Visa upon arrival

The Government of Myanmar annouced that as of May 2010 Canadians would be allowed to buy a VISA-UPON-ARRIVAL at the two main international airports in Myanmar.

Your Canadian passport must be valid for at least six more months.

Tourist visas (US$30.) will be valid for a stay of up to 28 days and CANNOT be extended in the country. Business visas will be valid for 70 days, and cost US$40.

You have to show your complete entry and exit airline ticket in order to qualify for this visa. In addition, you must have two (2) passport-style photos to present at the immigration post in the airport. You also have to have at least US$300. in currency as a tourist or a business traveller.

Most people are advised to continue to apply for a visa prior to travel. This is the safest way to travel, and having the visa in your passport will avoid being denied boarding on the international flight to Myanmar.

Click here for the Myanmar visa applciation form.