25 August 2008

A Russian voucher is NOT a Russian visa

Okay, we all realize how tough it is to get a Russian visa due to the curious two-step visa application process.
First you must get an invitation and VOUCHER. This document, issued under the authority of the Russian government, but issued by a private company, allows you to apply for a Russian visa. Without the voucher you will not even be allowed to submit your forms at the embassy.
The good news is that we at Visa Services Canada can get you a Russian tourist voucher in 36 hours for only $50 ($55 for international cruise ship passengers). Business travellers can wait up to three working weeks for a business voucher. However, business people can also use an authorized invitation from a Russian company as their visa support. The Russian company letter must be stamped by the Russian Interior Ministry.
The reason I bring up what seems like a rather obvious topic is that serveral people have tried to apply without a voucher; while others have gotten to the airport thinking the voucher, which is in Russian, was their actual visa. The voucher is not the visa: it only allows you to get a visa for the period specified on the voucher.
The second step is to apply for the visa. VSC will both acquire a voucher, and apply for your visa all in one conveniet step on your behalf. You no longer have to worry about trying to get a voucher and a visa. We do it all for you.
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