13 March 2019

Canadians need European ETA in 2021

You have two years to get ready for this!

On 01 January 2021 Canadian citizens will be required to hold a valid ETIAS allowing them to enter the European customs zone (the Schengen zone). This does not include the UK or Russia or Belarus. 

This new ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) will be an on-line ETA system in which Canadians will apply for entry permission via a website and pay on-line a fee of Euros 7. Applicants will answer security questions and declared their their first point of arrival in the zone. This means you cannot change your arrival country after getting the ETIAS. The system may also ask for details of education and employment. This is still to be determined.

It will take up to 24 hours for most ETIAS approvals to be sent to the applicant by email. 

It will not be possible to do this at the airport on your departure day. It must be arranged and secured in advance of travel. 

The ETIAS is to be valid for up to three years.