16 April 2015

Canada to be added to Indian e-Visa list

Great news for Canadian tourist going to India - Electronic and ten-year visa !

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced yesterday a new liberalized visa policy for Canadian nationals visiting the country, days after extending a similar scheme to French citizens. Modi said the new visa policy would support greater engagement and people-to-people contacts between India and Canada. India will issue Electronic Visa Authorization for tourist visas for Canadian nationals. They will also now be eligible for 10-year visas, said Modi. (from an article in indiatvnews.com)

Prime Minister Modi stated that to support greater engagement and people-to-people contacts, "we have liberalised our visa policy for Canada. We will issue Electronic Visa Authorization for tourist visa for Canadian nationals. They will also be eligible for ten-year visas now." (from an article in The Hindu newspaper of India)

Now before you all get too excited, let me remind you that none of this has actually been implemented. So for now all Canadians still have to go through the hideous and labourious process of getting a paper visa in their passports at least a month prior to travel.

Remember, you will NOT be boarded on a flight to india without a real visa glued in your passport in Canada.

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India Abandons Visa-on-Arrival name

Due to massive confusion and hundreds of tourists being sent home immediately upon arrival in India, the government of India announced last week that they were abandoning the badly-named Visa-On-Arrival scheme. Since there never was an actual visa-on-arrival available to anyone, any passenger who turned up in India was turned around and sent straight back to their home country to apply for an electronic visa authorization. So the Indian government now says what they actually have is an electronic visa authorization scheme, and call it the "e-Tourist Visa (eTV)", and also the "e-Tourist Visa (ETA)".

01 April 2015

New Viet Visa Prices

The Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam has finally settled on their new prices, and it involves increases of about 10-15%.

As of now they are charging for all visas in US DOLLARS only.

We as your service provider will pay the Viet embassy on your behalf in US$. You still pay only in Canadian $ for the visa and the service.

This change will not have any effect on you as a client or visa seeker.

You now pay US$80 for a single-entry 30-day visa, and US$100 to have it done urgently.

Multi-entry 90-day visas cost US$170, or US$190 to have it done urgently.

There are a lot of other visa categories and times and prices, so please check our website and Viet web form for all details.

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