31 May 2011

CHINA - new visa forms coming

This is just a warning to people planning a China trip: the Chinese Embassy is talking about instituting a new and much longer application form with far more detailed questions. It could go from being a 2-page form to being a 4-page form. We will keep you posted.

Click here for the Chinese application package.

KAZAKHSTAN - new requirements

The Kazakh government lets in Canadians without a formal invitation, but they are requiring far more details about your trip as of this week.

Both business and tourist travellers are now required to provide a hotel booking confirmation for their time in Kazakhstan, ans well as a very detailed letter about what they will be doing in Kazakhstan.

Click here for Kazakhstan visas.

25 May 2011

ANGOLA - photos, police & notaries

Effective immediately, the Angolan government requires all Canadians applying for any type of Angolan visa to have a full police records check and fingerprints forms.

And to make it even more difficult and time-consuming, the police and fingerprint documents must be translated into Portuguese and notarized and authenticated by DFAIT.

And they also now want four (4) passport-style colour photos with each application.

At this point pretty much the only people going to Angola go as employees of oil companies.

Click here for Angola visa forms.

KENYA - new visa fees

As of Canada Day, 01 July 2011, the Kenyan High Comission in Ottawa is charging new and higher prices for visa. The rules will also be changing to become more strict. Most people will face a price rise from the current $32. to the new $52.

New visa fees:
C$52.00 For Single Entry (Tourist/ Visitor/ Business),
C$103.00 For Multiple Entry (Tourist/ Visitor/ Business),
C$21.00 For Single Transit,
C$42.00 For Double Transit.

10 May 2011

Russia may want Russian

The following information is not confirmed.

The Russian Embassy in Canada has mentioned to us and to several others that Russia is seriously considering requiring Canadian applicants for Russian visas to fill in the Russian application form in the Russian language and Russian cyrillic alphabet.

This is in retaliation for actions taken by the current Canadian government under Harper against Russians applying for Canadian visas. Canada now requires Russians to use either English or french, but not Russian.

So the Russians, having first retaliated by imposing the new long 2-page form, are now set to impose the use of Russian language answers.

This may happen at any time. Be warned.