30 April 2019

Zambia Launches Visa-On-Arrival Scheme

The Government of Zambia has added Canadians to their Visa-On-Arrival (VoA) scheme.

This means Canadians using Canadian passports go to Zambia without visas, and simply buy a visa when they arrive at the airport in Zambia or at a frontier border crossing into Zambia.

The charge is US$50 for a single entry visa; and US$80 for a double-entry visa. This applied to Tourists, Business, Family Visits, and Safaris. Have cash ready at the border.

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Sri Lanka SUSPENDS Visa-Free Scheme

Due to the Easter bombings in Sri Lanka, the government has suspended the start of the visa-free entry scheme for all nationals.

Canadians, and others, will still need a visa to enter Sri Lanka.

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19 April 2019

Tanzania Launches new EVISA

This week the government of Tanzania announced they were launching a new EVISA for Canadian citizens.

From now on all Canadians will have to apply for the new electronic eVisa. The old paper visas are being discontinued as soon as possible by the High Commission.

There is a six page questionnaire, and applicants must attached scans of their passport and air ticket, as well as a digital photo. But this is still better than having to send away your passport by courier. Now it is all done online via email.

Click here for the new Tanzania EVISA application package.

04 April 2019

Sri Lanka is Going Visa-Free

The Government of Sri Lanka has announced that it is about to implement a visa-free policy for Canadian citizens.

Starting Wednesday 01 May 2019 Canadian citizens with Canadian passports will be able to enter Sri Lanka visa-free for up to 30 days.

This is an experimental pilot project lasting six months, followed by Sri Lanka deciding whether or not to continue the new visa-free regime.

It is not just Canadians, but all EU citizens and South Korea and the USA, which will benefit from this new scheme.

Be warned - until 01 May 2019 you will still need an ETA to board an aircraft to Sri Lanka.

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