14 July 2016

Kenya Increasing Visa Fees

Effective 01 August 2016 the government of Kenya is increasing the visa fees charged at the Kenyan High Commission in Canada.

Tourist and business visa prices are rising to $65 per visa. This is a thirteen dollar increase.

East Africa Tourist Visas (EATV) prices are rising to $130 per visa.

Transit visas will be $35 for a single-entry and $75 for a double-entry visa.

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11 July 2016

Canada Post Lock-Out by Management

Dear Clients

PLEASE use FedEx or Purolator couriers to ship your passports and applications to our office for the foreseeable future.
CanadaPost has said it retains the right to lock-out the workers.
This will result in any packages being stuck in storage for the duration of the lockout- or strike. There will be no getting the package out until it is all over.

Azerbaijan Price Changes

Until recently all Azeri visas cost US$100. A recent embassy price change dropped the fee for a single-entry visa down to US$20, but raised the multi-entry fee to US$350.

So now you either save $80, or pay an incredible extra $250 on top of the previous price.

No other requirements have changed.

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Madagascar Visa Prices Change

The Embassy of Madagascar has altered their visa prices again, but it is not bad and Canadians can still get a basic single-entry visa for $45. Prices for other classes and entries have changed a bit.

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China Requires More Details from Dual Nationals

Effective immediately the Chinese Embassy and the Chinese consulates require a lot more information and documentation from Canadians who are either dual-nationals, or who were born in another country, or who later became citizens of a foreign country.

Dual nationals MUST provide the original of their second passport, or a signed letter attesting that they do not hold a second country’s passport..

Dual nationals MUST provide a signed letter detailing the circumstances of the original and also the most recent arrival in Canada, and which passport they used for each of those entries. The letter must detail when you became a Canadian citizen.

These requirements are being very broadly interpreted to apply to anyone who was not born in Canada or who claims to have a second passport. If you have the slightest doubt about your status in this regard, send EVERYTHING requested above, as the Chinese embassy is stopping all such applications pending furtehr documentation.

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Russian Voucher Numbers Change

Effective immediately the registration number on Russian vouchers issued by our partner (OOO Atlanta) has changed.

When you are filling out the new Russian visa application you must include the new registration number (017328).

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