25 September 2014

Nigerian Tourist Visas

Yes, I know what you are thinking - there is no such thing as tourism in Nigeria. Well, that is true, but there is a small trickle of tourists and there is a tourist visa.

The hard part is getting all the necessary documents in order to apply for the tourist visa.

The new requirements include a confirmed hotel booking and a copy of the hotel ID card of the manager or reservation agent in Nigeria. If the hotel manager will not supply a copy of their hotel ID card, then book a different hotel.

Also, the Nigerian High Commission in Ottawa wants to see proof of purchase of sufficient funds for the entire journey. This means they want to see a receipt for the purchase of a lot of traveler's cheques. Do not send a photocopy of the actual cheques.

People going to Nigeria are best advised to be invited by a Nigerian person or a person legally living in Nigeria who can supply an official invitation and a copy of their Nigerian national ID card or passport.

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