25 September 2014

Cambodia Visa Fee Increases

The Royal Government of Cambodia has announced an across-the-board fee increase of US$5 per visa type effective next week

As of 01 October 2014 it will cost US$30 to acquire a tourist visa on arrival in Cambodia, and US$35 for business visas.

People getting a Cambodian E-Visa will now pay US$37 to not have to stand in line at the border or airport visa issuance booths.

Anyone flying into Cambodia is best advised to get a visa-on-arrival at either of the two main international airports. This also works well at the two main road crossing points from Poi Pet in Thailand and on highway #1 from Sai Gon in Viet Nam.

Persons on a river cruise up the Mekong into Cambodia must have a paper visa issued into their passport by the Cambodia embassy or consulate prior to boarding the boat. Persons on a river cruise down the Mekong into Viet Nam are advised to have a paper visa and not to try using a e-visa. E-visas are not recommended for any boat travel on the river systems.

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