31 August 2018

Reminder about Schengen Visas

This is just a gentle reminder from all of us at VSC that we do not process or aid in the processing of Schengen visas.

Non-Canadians seeking Schengen zone visas must apply IN PERSON only directly to the embassy of the country which is their primary destination in Europe.

Canadian citizens with Canadians passports do NOT need a Schengen visa, as we are allowed a stay of up to 90 days in the Schengen zone without a visa. This is a total of 90 days within each 180 period.

So our reminder to immigrants to Canada who hold foreign passports and Canadian Permanent Resident cards is that you must apply directly to the embassy in Ottawa. No third party can apply for you as you must go for your interview and your fingerprinting.

Click here for Schengen zone information.