26 January 2018

Passports and Air Tickets Must Match

This is a gentle reminder about your name.

The name in your current valid passport is your ONLY name. This means if you have a first, middle, and surname in your passport, that is the full legal name which must appear on your air ticket for international travel.

Far too often people buy air tickets to places like China with only part of their legal name on it. This is a big problem in acquiring visas, as many embassies and high commissions require the air ticket to match the passport identically.

So the next time you are buying an air ticket make certain it matches your passport name to the letter.

Air Canada states clearly on their corporate website:

"One key thing to remember is that your name on your travel documents must perfectly match your name on your ticket. (That's a legal requirement, not an airline rule.) Out of concern for security and because of heavy government fines, we will refuse boarding to passengers who are deemed to have improper documentation."

Oh, and one last thing; if your name is William, do not buy a ticket under the name Bill !