11 March 2017

Turkey E-VISAS Offered

We are pleased to announce that we are providing help across the country and world to all Canadians seeking an e-Visa for Turkey.

The Government of Turkey requires that all Canadians have a valid e-Visa prior to boarding the aircraft flight to Turkey.

Turkey no longer offers visa-on-arrival, and you must have a visa prior to travel.

Many clients have found the Turkish government e-visa website difficult to use, and have had trouble paying for and receiving their visas.

We make it easy. We can do it in a single day for you.

Just fill out a simple on-page questionnaire and send it to us by email along with a scan of your passport.

Canadian citizens using a Canadian passport must get an e-visa at if the purpose of the trip is pleasure, business or attending a meeting. This visa allows the holder to stay in Turkey for a maximum of ninety (90) days and is valid for multiple entries during that period. The 90 day period begins on the date of arrival. The visa becomes valid as of the date you list for travel into Turkey - this means the visa will not be active until the date of your flight.

Click here for the new Turkey E-VISA form.