02 December 2014

Chile - Fee Free

Good news about Chilean travel for all Canadians.

The Chilean government has abolished the old and hated Reciprocity Fee of $132. which used to be applicable to all Canadian travellers.

Canadian tourists and visitors and business travellers are now invited to stay for up to six months visa-free and fee-free. There will no longer be a charge at the airport on arrival. Chile is now added to the list of easy travel destinations in Latin America.

The official change came about due to Canada de-listing Chile for visit visas, and Chile reciprocating by abolishing the fee as of 22 November 2014.

However, there is a caveat to this --- it is not yet in effect! Chile had to change their law and this will only come into effect once it is published in Santiago in the official gazette. This is expected in the third week of December 2014.

So for the moment expect to still have to pay the Reciprocity Fee at the airport upon arrival. But be of good cheer - the days of visa-free travel are nearly upon us.