21 August 2014


When dealing with foreign currencies you are always left feeling that you did not know the real price and how it compares to prices you know. It is too easy to pay too much when you are confused by strange denominations.

We have a solution for you.

Make up a list of prices in both Canadian and the foreign currency. Print it out and keep it in your pocket so you can compare prices.

Example of Chinese Renminbi (Yuan) to Canadian dollars as of today's exchange rate:

CNY       CAN$
1              0.18
5              0.89
10            1.77
20            3.55
50            8.85
100          17.70
200          35.40
500          88.50
1000        177.00

So if it says Y30 on the price tag in Beijing, you can see that is (1.77+3.55) $5.32

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