02 February 2010


Canadians going to Panama by air or on a cruise ship are now required to have a visa in their passports prior to travel.

As of January 2010, Canadians have to get visas for Panama. This is due to a change in Panamanian law which was supposed to make tourist travel easier. Panama abolished the "Tourist Card" formerly available at airports and on cruise ships. However, Canada is on a list of countries whose citizens require either a tourist card or a visa. With the abolition of the tourist card, Canadians now must have a Panamanian "stamped visa".

Canadian citizens must apply for a visa with the proper visa application form; an original valid passport, plus a copy of the passport; a colour passport photo; a copy of the air ticket, or cruise ticket (booking confirmation form); a hotel reservation (not for people on a cruise); and a visa fee of US$35. Visas are issued in about a week.

Click here for the Panamanian stamped visa application form.