17 January 2008

Visas for the 2008 Olympic summer games in Beijing, China

The Oympics are coming! The Olympics are coming! Coming to Beijing, that is. This August China hosts the summer games of the XXIX Olympiad. Everyone needs a visa to travel to China, but this is easier than ever. However, with the Beijing Olympic Games coming quickly, there will soon be a rush for visas.
Visas for the Olympics will go on sale next month. People buying a double entry visa will be able to apply as early as mid-February 2008. Fans wanting a cheaper single entry visa will have to wait until mid-May 2008 to apply. VSC can get you that precious Olympic visa without any hassle or fuss. Just click on the link below for full details and forms.
Remember, a single entry visa is good for only three months, so you must depart China prior to the expiry date. The same is true for six month visas. So do not apply earlier than three or six months prior to your final departure from China!
Prices for the visas remain the same as for standard tourist visas. Our service charge remains at its usual low and competitive level.
China Olympics visa details:
China Olympics visa forms: